Free suggestion box for employees

There are many employee suggestion boxes, but not many are free

The basic features of mplyees will remain free, forever. You shouldn't have to pay per user, it should be for the extra features your company needs.

Why it's important to have a free suggestion box for employees

It's important to have a free suggestions for employees for a few reasons. If something toxic happens at any company, the people should be able to speak out no matter what. Using social or news channels may be financially free in the short term, but may cost an employee future job opportunities with companies who may be scared to hire someone that went through these bad situations. These days it's not far fetched for there to be court case costs in the long term brought on by the company who handled things poorly to begin with.

Employees shouldn't have to go through a HR manager that is likely to do what's best for the company. An employee that is mentally, physically, or sexually abused shouldn't have to be quiet either. If someone in a position of power is using it to abuse others, they should be called out and action should be taken.

With a free suggestion box for employees you don't have to worry about what happens if your company decides to switch feedback tools every couple years. Just use mplyees and your free suggestions will always be in the same place. This also gives the company a long stading history of what was requested to be changed and where things are at, even if they were asked for a long time ago.

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